Bed Bugs lay eggs in bed sheets and laundry

When you have bed bugs you must wash your laundry. Our special formula eliminates bed bugs, roaches and lice from all types of laundry. We use a very high concentration of specialized solution, designed to attack their central nervous system, leaving the bugs unable to survive in the mixture of water and our powerful detergent. Formula 4 Bed Bug Detergent is safe for all types of laundry. Sizes include 50 loads, 90 loads and detergent pods.

Kills bed bugs in one wash

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Bed bugs are attracted to dirty laundry

All in one bed bug killer and laundry detergent. Cleans and kills in either hot or cold water. Kills all bed bugs and eggs attached to laundry. Save for all types of laundry. Works in both front load and top load washers.

Kills bed bugs in any temperature water

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Bed Bug Detergent

We now carry a full range of detergent solutions. Our new pouches are 50 loads, 90 loads and detergent pods. Both are powerful concentrated solutions that wash away parasitic insects and their eggs attached to clothing and bed sheets.

Water dissolvable bags with bed bug detergent pods

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