Bed Bugs lay eggs in bed sheets and laundry

When you have bed bugs you must wash your laundry. Our special formula eliminates bed bugs, roaches and lice from all types of laundry. We use a very high concentration of specialized solution, designed to attack thier central nervous system, leaving the bugs unable to survive in the mixture of water and our powerful detergent. Formula 4 Bed Bug Detergent is safe for all types of laundry. Washes 50 loads

Kills bed bugs in one wash

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Bed bugs are attracted to dirty laundry

All in one bed bug killer and laundry detergent. Cleans and kills in either hot or cold water. Kills all bed bugs and eggs attached to laundry. Save for all types of laundry. Works in both front load and top load washers.

Kills bed bugs in any temperature water

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Bed Bug Bag

When washing infested laundry, you must be very careful not to contaminate other areas of your home. Use our water dissolvable bags to empty out hampers and suitcases that have bed bugs. Our bed bug bags have our bed bug detergent pods already inside each bag. Simply empty your suitcase or laundry hamper into our bed bug bag straight in to the washer. Each bag has three detergent pods, enough to kill all bed bugs and eggs in the wash cycle.

Water dissolvable bags with bed bug detergent pods

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